Our Wintersteiger machine gives your skis and boards a professional factory finish!

“If in a dry climate such as Colorado all I needed to do is leave them standing up in the garage with a coat of unscraped wax. Rust, humidity & warping are not issues there,” according to a former Coloradoan.

Living in the northeast this would have been a recipe for disaster, and any edges left bare would be covered in rust come October. So our summerization includes a tune #2, applying a thick coat of wax on the edges & base. We suggest you store them indoors in a temperature & humidity controlled environment.

We also release the tension on the bindings and ask you to return in the fall with your skis & both boots by November 1st to re-calibrate the binding to help keep release values consistent. We also scrape the excess wax and polish the base at no additional charge. Cover the bindings if the environment is excessively dirty or dusty.


Why Ski and Board Tuning?

The answer is simple, because you have a much more fun and safe time on the slopes afterwards!

1. Less energy needed and lower risk of accidents professional edge grinding ensures uncompromising grip even in icy slope conditions. This saves energy and increases safety. Together they create a feeling on the slopes which you’ll never want to be without again!

2. Easier to turn and glide optimum structured base ensures the perfect “turning moment” and smooth easy gliding in all snow conditions.

Ski and Board Tuning

Before edges are rusty and dull base is scratched base has no structure

Wintersteiger ski and board tuner

After edges are perfectly tuned smooth, waxed base structured finish

Ski & Snowboard Analysis

After each day of skiing or riding you should thoroughly inspect your equipment for wear or damage, things to look out for are:

Dull rounded edges; Dull, rounded edges or damage such as nicks or burrs. If your edges are worn your ski/board will want to continually slip out from under you while making turns. Dull edges will no longer grip the snow helping you carve your turns. Worn edges can be particularly hard to ski/ride on firm or icy snow conditions. Using WINTERSTEIGER side edge tools combined with either diamond stones or files, you can quickly bring back that new ski feel with a few simple steps. The base edge can only be sharpened at your local WINTERSTEIGER repair shop, any work you do at home to the base edge will only increase the base edge bevel.

Damage to the base; When inspecting your equipment also look for damage to the base such as scratches or deep gouges. Even small scratches can impede glide and can lead to more damage if not repaired. WINTERSTEIGER Drip Candles are the easiest way to repair scratches and damage to the base on skis and snowboards. Deep gouges, which penetrate to the core, or run along the steel edges need to be repaired by a qualified WINTERSTEIGER repair shop.

Dry base; As you ski/ride the wax wears from the base due to friction and will leave it with a dry, fuzzy, gray appearance. By applying a fresh coat of wax you will refresh the base and improve the glide while conditioning it against oxidation. WINTERSTEIGER offers high quality wax irons, temperature specific waxes, wax scrapers and brushes to keep the base in top condition. The wax will wear quickly, especially on dry snow and should be re-applied after every 2 to 4 days of use. When you take your equipment in to your WINTERSTEIGER repair shop they will apply wax as part of the repair service.