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Please don't wait till the last minute to get your equipment serviced.
Please bring both boots for ANY binding service.

The time it takes to complete your service varies.
When it snows or a holiday is around the corner we are slammed.
We request that you give us at least 7 days minimum.
Sure, when it's slow we can complete your service quicker.

Please call 410-757-6444 if you have any questions.

Our summerization includes applying a thick coat of wax on the edges & base and we suggest you store them indoors in a temperature & humidity controlled environment.

We also release the tension on the bindings.

Return in the fall with your skis & boots by November 15th to re-calibrate the binding to help keep release values consistent. We also scrape the excess wax and polish the base at no additional charge. We also recommend to cover the bindings if the environment is excessively dirty or dusty.


Living in the east where is humid … having the heavy wax on the base for the summer helps reduce the chance for growth of rust on your edges. Reducing the tension on your bindings is something we suggest to not have the tight wound up pressure on them all summer long.

All summerizations need to be picked up no later than June 16th to avoid a storage fee.