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Scooter Repair

CYCLEWORKS at Ski Haus Sports CenterFor over 12 years Cycleworks has been providing Annapolis and the surrounding area with quality scooters for all aspects of travel. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff can help you pick the correct scooter for your needs. Cycleworks also offers a full service shop to keep your scooter running smoothly. We repair and service all makes and models of scooters right here at our Annapolis, MD location. Do not hesitate to bring in your scooter and we will keep you cruising.


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Come on in to see what models we currently carry. Hope to see you soon!

Genuine Scooters

Genuine Buddy

Love is in the details. And after one look at our Buddy 50 scooter, you’ll be ready for a serious commitment! This vintage-inspired scooter  has plenty of modern features that include: under seat storage, a charger for your cell phone or iPod & a grocery bag hook. Don’t let the smaller engine fool you. This Buddy has 50cc and is great for every-day transportation. Run errands around town or cruise across a college campus. At 100 mpg†, you’ll spend less time at the pump & more time scooting around and falling in love.

Genuine Roughhouse

It’s hard to improve upon something as great as the Roughhouse, but we did! This Roughhouse comes loaded with upgrades that will get your heart going!
The Roughhouse 50 combines proven durability with penny-pinching 100mpg† economy, generous under seat storage, a bag hook for grocery runs and space for the recommended optional rear rack and locking top case. Weekend fun is made possible with a high performance 50cc engine and a set of slightly knobby tires that can handle the dirt road when the pavement ends.

Genuine Venture

Genuine’s newest 50 cc scooter is called Venture, aptly named for the adventurous ride and performance that you’ll experience on this “big wheel” scooter. With 16″ front and 14″ rear alloy wheels, this scooter is loaded with features including a 3-valve liquid cooled engine and rear disc brakes. Backed by Genuine’s 2 year Genuine Confidence Plan, the Venture outshines the competition in both performance and price….the MSRP is only $1,599!

Owning a scooter one of the most economical transportation options.
Not to mention how easy it is to find a parking spot in crowded areas.
You may come by and test ride a scooter anytime!