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Bike to work day is Friday May 15th … Stay tuned for our May is bike month events!
(As long as ban is lifted)
BIKE / WALK to school day is has been canceled due to social distancing.
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Keep kids active with a new bike!

Social_distance_is_easy_on_a_bike_annapolis_marylandPractice social distancing while biking and it wont be long till we can come together to celebrate the big win we have achieved by working together!







Jamis Bicycles

Jamis Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Jamis Hardtail Mountain BikesThere’s a magic to Hardtails not everyone can appreciate. For one thing, Hardtails favor the rider over the hardware—and that doesn’t sit too well with people who’d rather buy their speed than earn it with trail time and hours in the saddle. And for another, Hardtails are about minimalism and finesse. Yeah, there’s a lot of tech in our hardtails, but it takes a definite touch to see and realize their potential, and while that kind of talent isn’t rare it’s not commonplace, either.

We do everything we can to maximize that feeling and that’s why our bikes are some of the most talked-about rigs at trailheads the world over. Nothing rails singletrack like a Jamis—we earned that reputation with decades of refinement. Our geometry’s spot on, giving you point-and-go handling, maximum climbing traction and unbeatable trail feel. And unlike some guys who use the same numbers across the board, we tweak our angles and dimensions to account for different sizes and frame materials, so you get that same signature ride and feel no matter how tall you are, or what Jamis you ride.

Jamis Road and Triathlon

Jamis Road and TriathlonRoad bikes are so refined, so purpose-focused and so intrinsically perfect, the only edge to be gained is going to be tiny and incremental. But we’re obsessively good at details—we weigh and flex-test every single carbon frame, we developed and deploy our Size Specific Tubing concept to maximize the performance of every frame size (and in every material), we aren’t afraid to revisit lay-up schedules and stretch every available technology—and if you add up enough of those small improvements, you suddenly have an advantage.

We maximize your potential with physiologically perfect positioning geometry, for maximum power with long-mileage comfort. And we make the most of what your legs can throw down, with hyper-tuned chainstays that provide brutally efficient power transfer from crank to cassette, with an asymmetric design that shores up the drive-side for efficiency, and slims the left chainstay for weight.

The result is a bike without peer, without compromise. And without excuses. We pull out the stops, we push the limits of engineering possibility and production reality. We keep the pressure on, all the time. Because that’s what it takes to stay out front.

Jamis Street and Commuting

Jamis Street and CommutingAlternative transportation has finally gone mainstream. Riding the bus is no longer a stigma, but doing the right thing. Hybrid cars aren’t just for the Birkenstock set, they’re the hip new status symbol of the enlightened. And bicycles have been rediscovered as an urban transportation solution.

We say it’s about time. Our first city and street bikes were birthed in the 1980s, and while other manufacturers kicked theirs to the curb to follow the mountain bike craze, we stuck to our guns (and still managed to build some groundbreaking, race-winning MTBs). Our now long-lived Citizen, Commuter, and Coda bikes enjoy the advantage of decades of continuous evolution, a loyal fan base, and the benefit of the latest components and frame technologies.

We’ll admit that any bike is better than a car for the inner city shuffle. But we’ll also tell you our commuter and fitness bikes are among the very best at getting you from here to there. We know what works, because we live the life. We ride, and that’s the very best inspiration and influence for city bikes.

Jamis Bike Path and Comfort

Jamis Bike Path and ComfortThere’s been a lot of talk in the mainstream press about how people are rediscovering the basics, trying to simplify their lives with a newfound emphasis on quality over flash. To which we’d like to add: Remember how simple it was to just get on a bike and just…go? And how fun it was? We’re talking about no-batteries-required, timelessly simple fun.

There’s no shortage of reasons why now is the perfect time to get back on a bike—gas is headed toward three bucks a gallon, you need to exercise, your kids have been asking tough-to-answer questions about your family’s carbon footprint and natural resources, the list is endless. But frankly, there’s only one item that needs to be on that list—and it’s on everyone’s list: Riding is Fun.

And riding puts you in touch with the people you ride with. Family. Friends. Your kids. Every ride is a shared adventure, a chance to bond over something real, instead of piped-in images on a widescreen plasma display. It’s a chance to play together, for real, instead by proxy with electronic avatars and a console.

Jamis Youth Bikes

Jamis Youth BikesWith the right start, cycling can be a lifelong pursuit—We know just how important that first bike can be, and that’s why our kids’ bikes are some of the most important bikes we design and build—because if we’ve done this right, that first riding experience will be so fun it’ll carry through for the rest of their lives.

We do everything possible to make these bikes easy to ride and easy to learn how to ride. We use every trick in the book to quickly turn those first tentative pedal strokes into the kind of pedaling confidence that lets kids experience two-wheeled freedom firsthand.

Eastern Bikes BMX

Eastern Bikes BMXEastern BMX is one of the world’s leading BMX manufacturers. Eastern BMX bikes offer a huge range of bikes to suit all riders from beginner through to pro. They also offer a variety of BMX frames, BMX parts, and BMX apparal.



Biria Easy Boarding

Biria Easy BoardingBiria USA is committed to giving everyone the ultimate comfort and quality in riding bicycles. We have placed customer needs and satisfaction at the core of our business creed. We introduced the Easy Boarding bicycle into the US market in 2002. This German-designed bicycle has redefined comfort in the bicycle industry. With its uniquely designed step-through frame, and its comfortable seating position, this bike has satisfied the needs for people who seek the ultimate safety and pleasure in riding their bikes. The Easy Boarding will be the most comfortable bicycle you’ll ever ride.


Would you like to try before you buy? Take a stroll … roll around our large lot to get a feel for your new ride before you make that investment.