Sign up for summer skateboard camp at Ski Haus Sports & Cycleworks!

The Ski Haus Skate Camp is a great place to learn to ride a ramp, work on your skills and meet other local skaters.
It is a casual atmosphere with at least one instructor on staff at all times.

Here are some photos from past years skate camps …

The last day of camp we …

So come have fun … ride, hang ten … even if you have never ridden on a ramp before … all you have to have is the desire to RIDE!
We’ll start you out with some simple skills to practice and before you know it … Shazam!

You’ll be riding the ramps fakie


Things to Know

Always push with your back foot and ride with your front. This may feel awkward at first. The more you do it the better it will feel.
Developing this balance will serve you well when you get into real tricks.

Now come have fun & Practice with us!

Ride switch. Do it a lot. Make it a game. See how long you can ride switch and then go back to your normal stance. Seeing how much better it feels.
Then switch back. Just do it and get used to it. When you get bored doing other tricks try it out and keep learning.


Campers are also welcome to stay after camp and continue to skate for free as long as they like (this is, however, unsupervised). There is water (no charge), soft drinks and snacks available and skaters are welcome to bring whatever snacks and beverages they would like. Sign up today and be sure to tell your friends.


Stay tuned for our Let’s go skateboarding event the first day of summer!