INK has taken the world of watersports fashion & sun protection out of the dark ages.
A wave of color is bringing life to the wetsuit & sun protection industry.

Introducing Ink in Water from Australia

Ashleigh Nicholls designs embody individuality & joy, capturing the watersports fun-loving nature of it’s participants!

Ski Haus Sports is one of 3 retailers that have brought Ink in Water to the states!
To your local home town of Annapolis, Maryland!

Take a look see …

fun-loving ink in water rash guard

fun-loving ink in water rash guard long sleeve

Rashguard and sun shirts are available at Ski Haus Sports today! Stay tuned for neoprene wetsuits arriving this Fall. Come in to view catalog and place you personal order at no additional fee when added to our Fall order.

Scroll down to view a few of the neoprene items available is this fall!

fun-loving ink in water

Below you see the ladies cap sleeve rashguard we have in stock at Ski Haus Sports and one of the mens neoprene suits coming in this fall.
Ask our softgoods crew to call you when the neoprene suits arrive!

mens shorty and ladies rashie1

More neoprene coming this fall …(below)

mens ink in water2

ladies wetsuit ink in water2

ladies wetsuit ink in water3

ladies wetsuit ink in water4

ladies wetsuit ink in water1

mens shorty ink in water1

Meet the designer Ashleigh Nicholls
Designer Ashleigh Nicholls ink in water

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