The village of Dale is nestled between beautiful steep mountains, waterfalls & fjords on the west coast of Norway. In 1879, the historic textile factory was established in this valley with easy access to wool, strong knitting traditions, and a great supply of natural power from the local waterfalls. Since then, Dale of Norway has developed stunning designs with premium qualities that are well-known worldwide.

Due to the cold winters, Norway has a long tradition for wool and knitwear.
The beautiful traditional patterns have mostly been inspired by nature or history.
Over the past 130 years, Dale of Norway has developed its own famous sweater designs, and redesigned age-old Norwegian patterns, turning them into garments for fashion and sport with an authentic story. That’s why Dale of Norway offers “more than a sweater…”

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Dale of Norway ladies wool Christina sweater navyA beautiful skinsoft cardigan wool sweater influenced by the fashion trends of the early 20th century. It takes the grace and power of the corset shape, combined with Norwegian patterns, to create a style with exclusive detailing such as the decorative roll-up cuff. This exquisite cardigan is named after Christiania, a well-known woman’s name from Norwegian history and the former name of Norway’s capital city Oslo.

Also available in Red (below)
Dale of Norway ladies wool Christina sweater red
Dale of Norway ladies wool Geilo sweater blkA sporty, feminine wool sweater design with bold colors, contrast zippers, piped edging & reverse colored sleeves for a fresh look. Made with our premium skinsoft Merino, it features a durable double-knit construction that makes it ideal for an active lifestyle, traveling from the slopes to the office. Named after Geilo, one of the best known ski areas in Norway.
Also available in Blue with pink (pictured below)
Dale of Norway ladies wool Geilo sweater blue
Dale of Norway ladies wool Fjell sweaterA sporty & elegant wool sweater made with a fine, skinsoft Merino; the knit quality is unsurpassed with long-lasting properties. The design is inspired by “fjells” (mountains), the trademark of Norwegian nature, skiing and outdoor activities, often found bordering the scenic fjord landscapes. It reflects a landscape where high mountains meet the sea.

Dale of Norway ladies wool Kara sweaterThis attractive wool sweater design is inspired by silk embroideries from the eastern part of Norway. It has a beautiful tailored feminine fit and finely detailed patterns; authentic details include pewter buttons, a heart shaped zipper pull and velvet edging along the front. The name Kara is taken from the Arctic sea where the famous Fram expedition went through the ice traveling towards the North Pole in 1893-96.

Dale of Norway ladies wool Peace sweaterA beautiful feminine wool sweater originally designed for the Torino Winter Olympic Games; a versatile design for a modern lifestyle. The authentic pewter heart detail, the eight-petal rose and the stunning embroidery, symbolize grace, femininity and the Olympic Concept of Peace.

Dale of Norway ladies wool Kuppern sweaterKuppern. A sporty & comfortable wool sweater made with premium skinsoft Merino. It is a modern design with some authentic design elements, such as the eight-petal rose.

… Mens designs …
Dale of Norway mens wool Vail sweater
This wool sweater design was made for the Alpine World Championships in Vail,
Colorado, and quickly became a bestseller. The design is based on the
traditional eight-petal rose pattern complemented with decorative winter
elements for an authentic winter sports look.

Dale of Norway mens wool Blyfjell sweater navyBlyfjell. This wool sweater design is inspired by traditional Norwegian patterns with variations of the eight-petal rose and beautiful elk-leather detailing. A handsome men’s sweater that will remain timeless for years to come. Looks great at the office – and the après ski party!

Dale of Norway mens wool St Moritz sweater

A best selling design, based on the original St. Moritz World Ski Championship wool sweater. This pattern combines authentic elements in a sporty yet refined look. It is made with our innovative Comfort knit technology, giving it a comfortable feel & fit with a bit of stretch, in a double layer skinsoft Merino.

Dale of Norway mens wool Anniversary sweater

This wool sweater was designed in celebration of Dale of Norway’s 125th
Anniversary. The design combines many of the most famous Norwegian
knit patterns, the eight-petal rose, the Setesdal valley cross & the
small v-shaped dots in the pattern. A timeless and very attractive sweater.

Dale of Norway mens wool Calgary sweater

Inspired by the Calgary Winter Olympics, this wool sweater design incorporates classic ski elements in a versatile style that travels easily from the slopes to the office. Made with our premium skinsoft Merino, it features a durable double-finished construction that makes it ideal for an active lifestyle.

Dale of Norway mens wool HENNINGSVÆR sweater cream

A popular sweater made with wonderful textured knitting and real elk leather detailing. The water-repellent wool keeps the sweater dry in wet conditions, perfect for the outdoors. It is also stain and dirt resistant, which requires minimum care, ideal for lighter colors. Named after Henningsvær, a charming fishing village located on the Lofoten islands; a spectacular area on the Northwestern coast of Norway.
Also available in dark Navy blue (pictured below)
Dale of Norway mens wool HENNINGSVÆR sweater navy
Dale of Norway is a leading innovator of new wool & yarn qualities. All of their knitwear is made with 100% premium and eco-friendly wool. The collection is designed with different types of wool, ranging from the strong Norwegian wool, ideal for durable mid- & outerlayer knitwear, to extra-fine skinsoft Merino. With unique knitting techniques, the results are garments with exceptional long-lasting qualities.

all natural premium wool
Since 1956, Dale of Norway has been outfitting the national Norwegian ski team with official sweaters for all Winter Olympic Games & World Championships. Dale of Norway was later chosen to design the official sweaters for the Winter Olympic Games through the International Olympic Committee, with the rights to use the Olympic rings. This made the Dale of Norway brand world famous.
outfitting the national ski teamPlease visit daleofnorway.com to read more history of Dale of Norway.

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