Over the past couple of seasons, Park Bonifay & Danny Harf have been experimenting with new styles of rocker with more water surface contact and less coefficient drag. This forever changed the way we look at arcs in a board. Now a rider has the least amount of resistance, travels up the wake with more forward momentum and lands with less impact. The lift comes from an easier release and the added speed.

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A  line of camber boards with one goal – increased glide speed. The Space Blanket has over 20% less resistance with the water and increased glide speed than the Bandwagon – proving that there is nothing slow about camber. For a rider that wants all of the benefits of that unique neutrally balanced camber riding style and the stability of a big board, that rides small – without comprising speed and resistance with the water.


Based off of the same shape as the Parks Air Core – just at a more affordable value, and a faster response time alternative to our other camber series the Space Blanket. This new shape has more top water speed, but just as importantly has a rail design for riders that like to get there quick. A neutrally balanced camber riding position mixed with a sharp profile for more effective edge in the water that allows you to get to point B quicker.


Affordable luxury, designed to help you develop your riding style.
The 2016 Ronix Krush with Luxe package delivers with excellent performance and style.

One of the best beginner wakeboard packages on the market.
The Ronix Krush with Luxe package is designed to help wakeboarders improve their riding and master toeside edging.

Reduced swing weight and better feel on the water, perfect for the beginner to intermediate level rider.

Luxury at a phenomenal value is the best way to explain the Luxe boot’s cushy feel!

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