Krimson Klover, has honored Slow Fashion long before it became a movement. We strongly believe that fashion, like food, is best when crafted “from scratch,” with intention – which means knitting a piece of our soul into everything we make.
Slow fashion is a movement of designing, creating and buying garments that stand the test of time. It’s a philosophy that encourages slowing down our consumption, owning fewer, but better, items that will be your favorite go to pieces in your wardrobe!



The idea of Alp-n-Rock was born in the mountains on a summer afternoon in Zermatt. You know that feeling when you stop mid trail and you look around in awe and this tickle comes over you like your the luckiest person in the whole world for that moment and you soak in the deep breath …. Susanne Reich experienced this making her way down a steep hillside after her morning hike. Her two daughters were in tow, laughing behind her as they pulled up wildflowers and ran about in sheer delight. She stopped to take in the scene, recognizing that she was in a place unlike any other.

There was no doubting that Alp-n-Rock would become something wonderful, as it was born from a feeling of freedom and pure joy. So, the journey began, first with a woman who rolled up her sleeves, drew up four sketches, cleared out her garage, and got to work. Over the years, drive and determination coupled with a unique vision and dedication to the highest quality product. Alp-n-Rock continues to grow each year, constantly creating innovative clothing that combines fashion with functionality and the signature eye for detail that defines each of their pieces. From beautiful outerwear and intricately embroidered long-sleeves, to a yoga collection and ready to wear spring line, there isn’t a thing Alp-n-Rock can’t do.

Sweet clothing for sweet people 😉

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Alp-n-Rock send girls to school to create lasting change through the gift of an education.  We strive every day to create timeless clothing, made with love and attention to detail from the finest fabrics, that provide joy for those who purchase them and provide funds for the girls’ scholarship program through Room to Read.