Each year we set aside time to celebrate our love of snow on World Snow Day.

Being an Olympic year … on this day, we start the countdown to celebrate the amazing human body and spirit as we wait for the Winter Olympic Games to start February 9th.

Come to Ski Haus Sports to allow our experts to show you that if you dress right you can enjoy the season you are in! We hope to inspire you to get outside and be active no matter what the weather.

To help outfit the children …. PLEASE show us this page and we will give to 20% off any outerwear jacket and pant  that hasn’t already been reduced to get you started!

Watch talented healthy athletes who have made it their life purpose to be fit and healthy to be able to master the skill in an event that gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

 If you are not at the slopes comes celebrate all this month and explore all the options we have put to help make it easier for you to get your kids out on the hill or just prepare them for the elements so you can enjoy the season you are in.

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Other than the above drawings in February … with every kids purchase ( while supplies last) we have a Snow monsters coloring book with tips on ski & snowboard safety with coupons to save you & your family money on future purchases at Ski Haus Sports. Stickers and other goodies!

See Andra or Inga for your FREE list to help you know what you’ll need to enjoy the season you are in!

World Snow Day is also an event to help bring awareness to the following 3 subjects.
Please read and share them with your family and friends

The Environment
The young generations are the future guardians of the snow. We hope to encourage thru the love of snowsports and respect nature generations grow up caring for the environment so they and their children, too,
have snow to play on in the future. Furthermore, by conserving the environment to pre-
serve the snow, other natural environments will benefit as well.

Health Benefits
The health benefits of snow sports are obvious and well-known. One big advantage that
snow sports offer over many other sports is the “awe” factor the natural environment
provides. We need to pull children off their snow video games and put them on real

Safety ( January is safety month)
Safety is taken for granted as an integral component of a modern lifestyle including snow
activities. That’s why the ’10 FIS rules for the conduct of Skiers and Snowboarders,’ which
are considered globally as the laws for the conduct on the pistes, are also a natural com-ponent of World Snow Day activities. They will help show children and their families how
to behave and be safe on the snow and in doing so will also show them how to be safe
off the snow.

Please encourage  the resorts you visit to partake in this event by sharing the wonderful activities they offer for kids

And get outside and have some family fun!
We are here to help you prepare for the elements!



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