Ever thought you could have a job that you really LOVE!
You can at Ski Haus Sports!

Earn a wage for helping outfit people for the sports you love!

EMAIL andra@skihaussports.com using subject “employment” OR COME IN TO FILL OUT AN APPLICATION

*Have OFF every other weekend  to hit the slopes if we are able to find enough people!
Even if you’d just like to learn the ropes and help a salesperson pull product, restock, tidy up after customers you will receive the SAME benefits! AND if you like it, this could lead to many other incredible options. Many of our staff have become … Full time Sales associates, merchandising majors, marketing opportunities ( displays, social media, advertising, web design, photography, film), a representative of a major manufacture in the snowsports or watersports industry OR just a fun job while you get your degree for your other passion!

Challenging yourself to learn new things helps you grow and if you have never had a job before we can help integrate a job into your already busy life while being compassionate to all the other things you LOVE in your life!
Like time with family,
time for your education,
getting outside to enjoy the sports you love with family & friends!

Where else are you able to get a job like this and not give up every thing else you love for it??

Come in and set up an appointment to talk to Andra or Inga

Pay based on experience and availability.

* Bennies start after 30 days of employment or 3 weekends of work.