Jellyfish in the Chesapeake Bay

Every year, millions of people head to the beaches to create lasting family memories of warm sunshine, rolling waves and sand castles. We now offer customers the confidence of using the only globally-proven protection from jellyfish stings and sun.
To be fair, jellyfish are remarkable, beautiful creatures. Unchanged by the passage of time, jellyfish lack muscles, bones & the ability to hear or see like other ocean predators. However, their stinging mechanism & long, flowing tentacles set them apart as most unique. And while they generally don’t go out of their way to attack humans, jellyfish are poor swimmers & often collide unrepentantly with victims due to their inability to move quickly out of the way.


Protection against the stings of jellyfish is available at Ski Haus Sports!
You may have something similar at home you could wear …
You know those cool yoga pants you have and the
surf shirt you own?
It’s unlikely the jellyfish can sting you through them,however make sure the neck is high and snug for obvious reasons.
The only other concern is the separation between the two pieces at the waist.

At Ski Haus Sports you can get a full lycra suit that you can warm water snorkel in,
use as an added layer under your wetsuit so it slides on with ease and gives you and added layer of insulation OR to protect you from the stings of Jellyfish.

Be protected from the sun
and sea nettles.
Dive in it and avoid chaffing.
The quality front zip is easy to operate and thumb loops and heel straps keep the suit in place.

At Ski Haus Sports we have an alternative to wear a full lycra suit for jelly fish protection …

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% of probability of sea nettles in our area map…

Sea nettles are found where there are higher salinity, it often has red/maroon markings on the long central tentacles and on the swimming bell.
Nettles abound in the Chesapeake Bay in numbers unequaled elsewhere.
Click on links below to learn more about the lifecycle of the jellyfish and to learn about what type of jellyfish frequent the Chesapeake Bay …


Other cool links about sea nettles …
Predicting sea nettles in the Chesapeake Bay … Earth & Life science grades 9-12

It is truly interesting to me all the different theories about jelly fish, sea nettles and how long that have been around.
Click below to read a review of Stung. Jellyfish blooms and the future of our ocean …

 the classic jelly – have existed in something close to their current form for at least 565 million years;
Ctenophora, the comb jellies, are not much younger.

I could research on and on about our beautiful Chesapeake Bay because it is life to us who live here.
Maybe we can learn about our own survival from something that has survived far longer than us and may survive far past us???

One thing that stayed with me after all this reading is that mosquito larvae is on their diet and the Chesapeake Bay region could use some natural help with that!
However too much of any one thing is a bad thing.
Life is a balance…

Every year we join the Surf Rider Foundation is celebrating International surfing Day. This day is a day to show how much we all love our waterways by building rain gardens to help with run it, clean up trash that might end up in our waterways and just help make the environment surrounding the Chesapeake Bay beautiful for us and generations to come. Click the link below to check it out …


As always thank YOU for shopping local and helping us stick around, not quite as long as the jelly fish (lol!). <3

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