Protect and Enjoy our waterways

Surf rider foundation celebrates International surf day on Saturday June 17th to focus on our oceans, waves & beaches.  It’s about caring for the area where the land meets the sea, with one foot in the sand & another in the water.  Our vision is to keep our beaches open to everyone & promote smart coastal development that avoids coastal impacts.

By One World One Ocean

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At Ski Haus Sports we would like to help share Surf Rider and other local and national foundations to help ensure that the waterways are clean to swim & ride and that the beaches are free of plastic & litter. Be a leader in your community by sharing this valuable information to become defenders of our coasts and waterways.

YOU can help right here in your own backyard

For more information on this subject please come in (or scroll down) and checkout our bulletin boards in our surf and board wear department  on ways you can help.
A few of our manufactures have joined in to help us celebrate
International Surf Day, Fathers Day weekend.

Building an ocean friendly garden will help with water run of into
our rivers and streams witch lead into our ocean!

You can decrease the impact that your property has on the Bay by reducing the amount of pollutants and storm water generated from your property.

Live in a condo, don’t have time to volunteer?
Click on the photo below to donate to Surf Rider Foundation!

Please visit and listen to Silvia Earls Ted talks
“Here it is the WORLD BANK! This is where all the assets are!”

For the kids … from One World, One Ocean ( CLICK ON PHOTO BELOW TO WATCH VIDEO)

Join Andra on Saturday June 17th in the Ski Haus Sports parking lot at 9:30 am to help clean up the run off area of East College Pkwy. OR If you have created a rain garden you’d like to share or your own local event tag skihaussports on facebook to notify us to share.

This incredible young man and his team have created a way to clean up what you have heard of as the great pacific garbage patch!  CLICK PICTURE BELOW TO LEARN

How about everyone that reads this blog ask everyone they know  … What you bring to the beach, the park, the mountain, the river, on the boat etc … Take it home with you to dispose of, recycle properly! Together we can help our children & grand childern!
50 years from now your kids will thank YOU!

Peace & Love to you all!

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